How to Design Promotional Material that Stands Out

Looking for some tips to help your business or product get noticed? We’ve got you covered! Learn how to design promotional material that stands out with a few important tips.


How to Design Promotional Material that Stands Out


Make It Relatable


Being swept up in the business world can often make it difficult to remember how to be human with your audience. But the reality is, your customers need to feel a human connection in order to purchase or opt into whatever it is that you’re advertising. Being more personable and relatable to your targeted audience in your materials can help build interest and trust.


Do Something Different


Doing something even slightly different can often be incredibly effective for getting noticed. So think about this when designing your materials. Consider choosing an unusual size, image, finish or something else that can get people to stop and feel curious about what you’re saying or offering.


Use High-Quality Images


If you include photos in your promo materials, always use high-res images. Having pixelated images can negatively impact the entire impression of your business or brand. Using professional, high-quality photos or graphics shows that you take your business seriously and that you care about the level of quality that your business delivers.


Use Bold Colours


Of course, using bold colours that pop is always useful for grabbing the attention of others. Just make sure that if you are going for bold colours, they work with your branding colours, and they avoid looking too flashy or over the top.


Choose a Reputable Print Company


When it comes down to getting promotional materials to stand out, the quality of your printing really matters. Without having clean and clear lines and sharp images, even an attractive, eye-catching design can go unnoticed. Using a good, reputable printing company that can cater to your needs and deliver high-quality products is a must.


To get customers to take your business seriously, you need to have a print service that takes their job seriously, too. Good design won’t do much good without high-quality prints that can help put your best foot forward as a business.


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